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BG Abogados & Consultants is a firm founded in 1998 by its owner Carlos Bethencourt-Gonzalez who attends his esteemed clientele in the following areas: as an efficient law firm, experts in property management and offering commercial and financial advice, also offering a comprehensive array of legal and business consulting services, as in the fields of marketing and promotion, always according to the needs of our clients and thanks to the work of a network of highly qualified young and experienced professionals.

Practice Areas

Our top priorities are providing a personalized service, and being able to cover the needs of our clientele and provide effective solutions accordingly.

Therefore and upon request of our clients we also offer a comprehensive, trustworthy and verified array of professionals and partner companies in order to fulfill our orders in accordnace with our customers’ needs.

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Property and Tourist Complexes Management

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Legal Counceling and Business Consultancy

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Why we are different

The client deserves a result according to their needs and wishes, in order to defend their interests correctly, the continuous flow of information and the accurate compilation of instructions is essential, facilitating a comfortable, simple and immediate access to the sources of information and consultation in BG Abogados & Consultores. We provide all the necessary information and support to the Governing Board for the quality management of your community making use of the most modern technologies in order to ensure immediacy and lower costs.

The management of the affairs of the office must therefore be transparent, offering access to its clientele at any time the accounting status of the affairs managed and always according to the orders and budgets agreed, avoiding any kind of opacity in the relationship between the client and BG Abogados & Consultores. For this purpose, BG Abogados & Consultores will use all the technical and human resources necessary to guarantee the satisfaction of its distinguished clientele.

BG Abogados & Consultores is a project that aims, above all, to facilitate to its clientele the realization and execution of its projects and commissions in a diligent, timely, effective manner and always maintaining the highest commitment of loyalty and discretion in professional relations, undertaking to always manage the affairs of its principals using the means provided by the Information Society and New Technologies, in a diligent, effective, efficient, innovative way, in accordance with current legislation, and subject to the guarantee standards in the management of the market.

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BG Abogados & Consultores
Las Palmas G.C.

Calle Francisco Gourié 107,
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Gran Canaria

Tel: + 34 928 38 34 12
Fax: + 34 928 93 87 59

Opening hours to the public:
Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00 hours.
To ensure an adequate service according to your needs, we kindly request to ask for an appointment.

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BG Abogados & Consultores
Playa del Inglés

Av. de España número 7
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35100 Playa del Inglés
San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria

Tel: + 34 928 38 34 12
Fax: + 34 928 93 87 59

Opening hours to the public:
Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 16:00 hours.
To ensure an adequate service according to your needs, we kindly request to ask for an appointment.

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SLS – BG Abogados & Consultores
(Manchester, UK)

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Winter & Bethencourt
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Tel: + 43 676 764 8888

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Alliance Imperium Legis

BG lawyers & consultants is a proud founding member of this strategic alliance of professional firms whose Service Charter guarantees its clients optimum conditions when it comes to displaying the necessary resources to ensure the best service in Spain and abroad

Other founding members of this alliance are the following:

Legal services

Whereas BG Lawyers & Consultants is a general practice law firm, we are proud of our specializations:

  • Civil law (family matters, inheritances, obligations, contracts, etc.), providing both legal counsel as well as litigators before all kind of courts and other legal embodiments, such as arbitration or mediation panels, etc.
  • Law on Information Technologies, E-Commerce and the Information Society, both as legal counsel as well as litigators before all kind of courts and other legal embodiments, such as arbitration or mediation panels, etc.
  • Administrative Law and administrative procedures, providing both legal counsels as well as litigators before all kind of courts and other legal embodiments, such as arbitration or mediation panels, etc.
  • Adaptation to the requirements of the Spanish Data Protection Act and E-Commerce Act, as well as online reputation and cyber security systems.
  • Criminal law and criminal procedures.
  • Arbitration and Mediation.
  • Tourism Law and territory development planning.
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property Law.
  • Commercial Law and International Trade.
  • Equity research, collections, bankruptcy and insolvency procedures.
  • Owners' Associations and community law, Property Law, and comprehensive property management assessment in general, both as legal counsels as well as litigators before all kind of courts and other legal embodiments.

Property and Tourist Complexes Management

BG lawyers & consultants is a law firm with two offices - Las Palmas de GC and in Playa del Ingles – formed by professionals from various branches that currently offers both counseling and administration many owners´ associations in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as well as in the touristic municipalities in the South of the island (references available). This firm offers its services in English, German, Czech, Italian, French and Spanish, and if requested offers its services through verified collaborators in Russian, Slovak and Romanian.

BG Lawyers & Consultants offers a full administration service, being aware of the duties of a responsible management of the complex, following the instructions given by the owners´ association, saving the owners´ association the costs of having employees by outsourcing with us this services with the guarantee that comes by having a team of professionals at your service covered by a significant professional liability insurance policy (€300.000).

We offer the owners´ associations which would like to try our services a trial period (of usually three months), so that they can verify the quality of our services, and which include all the necessary time and efforts that requires a responsible assistance of the property and its services, without extra expenses for the association (our service fee includes transportation costs, among others) and offering a service in English, French, Spanish and German.

We offer the following services of property and real estate management, adjusting our offer always to your needs:

Management services: we are able to offer the following;

  • Preparation and monitoring of the yearly budget: budget of revenue and expenditure. Quarterly report on the budget´s expenditure and its possible deviation and bank accounts.
  • Building Accounting: supervision and control of the collection of fees (ordinary and extraordinary) and the realization of common and extraordinary payments, following the criterion of income and expenses of the Communities of Owners - not the accounting plan, and previous access to the accounts of the online community for its supervision.
  • Monitoring and control of security reports and controls of common elements (fire extinguishers, elevators, electricity, etc.). Management of claims in the event of deficiencies in a service or product purchased.
  • Implementation of a general improvement plan, according to the instructions of the board of owners: develop a technical and administrative action plan based on the reports fostering preventive maintenance, supervision of common elements.
  • Repair works: we generally request at least three different quotes before undertaking any repair works, following instructions of the directing board. We of course evaluate the quality/price ratio. We also cross-check the references of the suppliers and contractors, follow up the repair works and finally we request the issuing of any guarantee certificates upon completion of the works.
  • Insurance of the property: we run a comprehensive analysis of the insured risks in the policy and the competitive cost of capital and risk. In case of accident or a complex occurence, we will file the claim on behalf of the community and we will follow up the claim. In case that any of the parties exercise their rights before the corresponding courts, we will also defend the common interest of the community.
  • Yearly Balance of the household budget: at each yearly GM we present our evaluation of the budget´s expenditure, and we suggest, if appropriate, the necessary modifications and update to the current needs of the community, which will be of course decided by the owners GM and implemented by the governing board. Actions and the proposal argued for the following financial year.
  • Monthly submission of report on the state of accounts to the Governing Board (President / Secretary or who is decided, and if requested, distribution of these reports to each owner on their contributions and payments to the community. The GM or the Governing Board can determine the frequency, convenience and content of these reports.
  • We also gladly take care of the shipment of correspondence, certificates, announcements, reports and all kinds of writings that are necessary notify the owners (focusing on new technologies in order to save costs – email, WhatsApp, common calendars, etc.).
  • Custody of files and documents of community documents: we gladly assume the custody of documentation from prior years, any kind of documents belonging to the community such as contracts and any other documentation, if the community decides to take advantage of this service

Legal services

  • General Meetings: we prepare – always in constant communication with the community officials – the invitation to the GM, collecting evidence of the acknowledgment of its reception. We of course also always personally attend the general meetings and if requested by the Governing Board, its meetings. Subsequently we do also present in timely manner the minutes of these meetings to the evaluation of the officials (mostly the Secretary and President of the community), and if requested by these, we gladly amend the minutes in order to submit at the earliest convenience to all proprietors the due information / minutes.
  • Legal counsel: we provide legal counsel on all matters relating to the Spanish Property Act (Ley de Propiedad Horizontal), and our services include the attendance to all GM of a lawyer who can advise and is fluent in at least 2 different languages. Our services also include the production of reports and statements necessary for the proper activity and management of the community and the use of the property by its owners.
    also include in our services the out of court claims to owners who may have outstanding due payments to the community. We make our best effort to solve in a peaceful and reasonable manners the collection of amounts owed by proprietors to the community, including filing the necessary legal claims and their execution. In these cases, and in accordance with the terms of the relation between BG Lawyers and Consultants and the community, the court costs could be subject to direct and exclusive collection of BG lawyers & consultants, without any charges for the community. Otherwise, BG Lawyers and Consultants would offer the community a reasonable discount (up to 20%) on the official fees of Las Palmas Bar Association. 
All litigation fees and costs will obviously be claimed at the Courts of Justice, and as soon as the payment has taken place, a direct refund will be ordered on behalf of the community.
  • Filing and presentation of briefs, complaints, requests for grant, etc., in the various agencies and administrations that correspond to all information related to the community of owners.

Labor consulting services

  • Labor Counseling and Management: If the community had its own staff, we would process and prepare the monthly payroll and filing of the social insurance TCTC and 1‐‐2 models. We do also arrange and prepare any contracts, high, low, and taxes (Mod. 110 and Mod. 190), etc. 
  • We study and compare costs between different occupational categories, service companies and temporary employment.
  • Likewise we arrange the payment of taxes and withholding taxes (form 115, etc.) corresponding to payments to workers, suppliers and professionals. Processing of the VAT (IGIC in the Canary Islands) and other taxes (including the request for return of the same).
  • We also regularly advise the community and its officials of all applicable regulations, ordinances, etc., which must be known to the community of owners to comply with current legislation on labour matters and safety at the workplace, which could also include the preparation and audit of the existing log, organic law of protection of personal data and the study of occupational risk prevention plans.

Legal Counceling and Business Consultancy

BG lawyers & consultants are proud specialists in these fields of work:

Preparation, submission and processing of residence applications in Spain of any kind, including the special procedure – so called “golden ticket” – according to the Entrepreneurs´ Law (legal residence for investment, where non EU nationals who make a significant investment in Spain may apply for a visa or residence authorization for investors).

  • Candidates who are abroad must apply for a one-year residence visa.
  • Candidates who are legally in Spain, i.e. who have a residence or stay permit or an investor visa, must apply for a two-year residence authorization.
  • Once this time period has expired, the authorization may be renewed for successive five-year periods, provided the conditions that generated the right are maintained and they have visited Spain at least once during the period of residence.
  • A single authorization for living and working, valid anywhere in Spain, including relatives if they meet the expected age, labour regulations, which includes free movement within the Schengen member states.
  • Streamlined processing: 10 days for visas and 20 days for residence authorizations, procedures can be arranged through a representative.
  • Combined processing for family members.
  • The application for a residence permit will extend the validity of the residence or stay of the permit holder in Spain until the end of the procedure.
  • Residence authorizations will be processed by the Unit for Large Companies and Strategic Economic Sectors in a maximum time delay of twenty days from the filing of the application. If after this time period, a decision has not been adopted, the authorization will be deemed to be granted due to administrative silence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for this procedure as well as for any other possible residence permits in Spain.

Mag. Jur. Associate Professor Carlos Bethencourt-González

Director of BG Lawyers & Consultants

PhD researcher in tourism law, Masters in Tourism Management, Magister Jus by the University of Vienna, Law Degree at the University of Salamanca, Lawyer and university associate professor at the ULPGC. He is also a specialist in new technologies and the information society legislation, with experience in entrepreneurship, innovation management, and tourism and economic promotion, after having invested part of his professional life in Central Europe as Marketing and Promotion Manager of the Spanish Tourist Board of in Austria. Member 2.803 of Las Palmas Bar Association.

Working languages: Spanish, German, English and French.


Javier Checa Quevedo

Obtained his degree in Law Studies at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Masters Degree in Urban Planning, has dedicated most of his career as legal and corporate law council, being currently the manager of BG Lawyers and Consultants in the southern part of Gran Canaria, namely in our office in Playa del Inglés. Member 5.215 of Las Palmas Bar Association.

Working languages: Spanish and Italian.


Natacha Alexandra Dorval Defferary

Graduated in Law at the University of Essex, is a specialist in Common Law, EU-Law, management of real estate and in general, a reference for the Anglo-Saxon community living in the Canary Islands which may need responsible legal advice. Member 5.726 of Las Palmas Bar Association.

Working languages: Spanish and English (bilingüe).


Elba Benítez González

Practicing lawyer after obtaining her Law degree – being number one of her class at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has specialized in mediation and litigation, as well as criminal law and criminal procedure. Member 5.870 of Las Palmas Bar Association.

Working languages: Spanish and English.


Linda Němečková

Graduated in Law by the Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Rep. She is a specialist in communities’ management, as well as execution procedures in the EU. She is also in charge for European investors and management accounting management and she is also our liaison with our highly esteemed French clientele.

Working languages: Spanish, English, French and Czech.


María Rivera Rodríguez

Graduated in Tourism Studies at University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC), she has held various executive positions in a array of different areas of this field of work. She is a real specialist in the management of communities of owners and resorts.

Working languages: Spanish, English and German.


Sergej Ivanov

Graduated in Hospitality and Tourism services, is our specialist in tourist issues, gastro and restoration companies, and is responsible for the correspondence in extrajudicial matters with our distinguished German, English and Russian speaking clients.

Working languages: English, Russian and Spanish.


Rebeca Lado Martín

Graduated in Law Studies at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. She is currently developing her career, after spending some years in Germany, as a practicing lawyer in our office in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Her main fields of work are civil litigation as well as property and real estate management related issues. Member 6.205 of Las Palmas Bar Association.

Working languages: German and Spanish


Ms. Zaida Castilla McAtee

Director of SSL Abogados – Spanish Solicitors

She is specialist in South-American Affairs, immigration issues – including application procedures and visa to the EU, acquisition and management of real estate, as well as in matters of Public International Law.

6.133 of Las Palmas Bar Association.

Working languages: Spanish and English.